“My cherished sister Cynthia...every time I witness the healing beauty of your shamanic wisdom path being shared with the world, your seasoned mastery as a catalyst of evolutionary benevolence reverberates within my soul. Having intimately walked the [Pachakuti Mesa Tradition] path together through rain and snow, sun and starlight, and most importantly, as initiates of the Great Work dedicated to a life of 'teaching love by the way we live' for almost [18] years, I forever rejoice in knowing how admirably recognized your service as sanctioned PMT teacher has become upon this good earth… [T]his testimonial of your virtuosity as seasoned PMT medicine carrier also serves as my wholehearted endorsement and grateful approval of your fabulous advanced apprenticeship program entitled: “Advanced Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Wisdom Teachings: Empower Your Artes, Your Mesa and Yourself...
            It’s been a … journey few have the level of compassionate awareness (Munay) and consummate ritual prowess (Llankay) required so the experience of 'following your bliss' becomes a genuine Spirit awakened vocation of healing grace upon Pachamama--and you're definitely one of those few dearest Cynthia. Infinite gratitude for always 'Showing Up' during so many precious moons... rest assured the purity of motive and clarity of intention with which you've adeptly served our worldwide dissemination of PMT wisdom teachings (prophesied by … don Celso Rojas Palomino...) shall forever find its selfless visionary essence lovingly 're-Membered' as a gift of inspirational living within my heart—Haylli!”  
        don Oscar Miro Quesada Solevo, Originator of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition
“The Call to Heal was a powerful and profound experience. Cynthia Greer is an exceptional teacher whose loving energy and enthusiasm radiates in bright waves of light and love. The group who gathered for the weekend formed a close bond in our sacred circle which I cherish and deeply respect and honor. I don’t exaggerate when I say that my life has changed profoundly because of all that occurred during the weekend. I am truly grateful to each and every beautiful soul who shared in the experience. What an extraordinary journey we are on.” 
                                         Gannon Carr, Reiki Master, Valle Crucis, NC

“It was all good [and] perfect as is… I am walking away from this with a deeper understanding of the PMT mesa and with a renewed awakening.”
“Cynthia is an incredible teacher, leader and person. She made us all feel comfortable and welcome. She was able to help us find our own answers by gently guiding us along the way... [The Apprenticeship Series is] a wonderful program – well structured, well-presented… I felt such a profound connection to the work and my new-found ‘tribe’. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
                                                                                                                          Tina R. Indianapolis, IN
“I love working with Cynthia. Her balance of knowledge and heart is impressive.”

 “Cynthia has a patient and kind heart."                                                                            
“Cynthia is so amazing, gifted and dedicated to her work. She is filled with so much love and positive energy, it is an honor and pleasure to learn from her and work with her. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with her beautiful spirit… Becoming a Pachakuti Mesa carrier has been a life-changing experience. I have learned how to honor all things and have re-membered the sacredness of all life. Cynthia is an amazing curandera and teacher. Thank you! 
Courtney H. Smith, Health Educator, Asheville, NC

“Fabulous teacher and training. I’m very excited to be on this path.” 

“Cynthia is such an enthusiastic and loving teacher. Being in her presence is a true honor and joy.” 
“Thank you, Cynthia, for your sweet, loving connection as you guide us through this work.”
“Oh goodness, what a weekend. I feel profoundly touched by the beauty of this ancient tradition… I felt so filled with the energy of our southern brothers and sisters. Cynthia [is] so gentle, accepting and encouraging. Amazingly attentive and considerate… [She] held us all with such care and enthusiasm and love for Pachamama.”
                 Hollister K., Retired, Philadelphia, PA
“Cynthia’s spirit and enthusiasm are contagious and she truly embodies the values we are learning.”                                                                                                                                 
“[Cynthia] is awesome, inspirational, joyful… This is the beginning – an incredible journey supported by the ALL – a life changing time! This PMT is my spiritual practice and way I will walk in the worlds!"

“This was a profound experience of initiation, a call to heal and to awaken our hearts and awareness to the unseen world. I am relatively new to shamanism work. This experience  intensified my desire to learn - that is to transform experientially.
            I leave with an intention to practice daily, a gratitude practice for the earth, beginning with the tree I see out my bedroom window. Cynthia is a living example of the work. I leave feeling so blessed, so fortunate, so grateful. Thank you. I want to do the program… and I leave confirmed that this is a direction I want to follow – for healing myself and for healing the earth. Positive energy, attention to the good, the hopeful, faith – these things characterized the work. It awakened my highest hopes.”
                                                                                                                     Martha K., Philadephia, PA
“Such deep love and deep wisdom. So much gratitude! Thank you, thank you!”
"It was such an honor to be in ceremony with Cynthia. I was so moved that I attended the "Call to Heal (Releasing the Past)" workshop weekend. The location is magical, and Cynthia is very knowledgeable. I felt that I was in a safe, sacred space created by her compassionate and caring energy." 
J. Stone, Lincolnton, NC 

 “Amazing weekend! Very hands on and experiential. I have a much deeper understanding of my mesa and the PMT [Pachakuti Mesa Tradition].” 

"Thank you for your gentle and compassionate teaching. It is soooooooooo apparent that you are committed to the path and have much wisdom to share. I am grateful that you started a second hoop this year! See you in January!” 
Nina R. Keller, Ray, Ohio

“I felt very loved, embraced and empowered.”

“She is superb as a teacher and truly connected to the Great Work… A most beautiful weekend!!!”

“Beautiful energy teaching, just as it should be.”

“[Cynthia is] very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing. [She] had no doubt we could grasp it all [and] was confident in us. Time was given for each student… [She was ] honoring of each individual.”
 "I offer heartfelt appreciation that you are sharing the teachings of the Pachakuti Mesa and your own experience so beautifully. Attending the recent Call to Heal workshop with you was such a gift and a turning point for me. I also appreciate you for sharing your gifts for my personal healing... It was such an amazing training. I love my mesa." 

Laura Beann, MSW, Shamanic Practitioner, Hillsborough, NC 

“We love Cynthia!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Anonymous