Shamanic Healing

With ancient shamanic practices we can restore health and wholeness to the four levels of our being: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Health is our natural state. Shamans experience that illness, imbalance and disharmony have spiritual causes. When we have been living in ways that are out of balance with the natural and harmonious pattern of life, heavy and dense energies can be created within us. These energies are at the root of many issues. By engaging the elements, forces and allies of the seen and unseen worlds, shamans can clear the body, mind, heart and spirit of these blockages and challenging energies. This density is then replaced with harmonious, life-giving energies which restore balance, harmony and vibrant health to all levels of our being. Shamanic healing can help individuals, communities, Mother Earth and her children. 

Cynthia Greer is a curandera (shamanic healer) and a Reiki Master. She offers the following types of shamanic and spiritual healing:
  • Cleansing, clearing and restoring energy bodies to harmony and balance.
  • Extractions of thought forms, non-beneficial energies and energetic blocks that have manifested from current or past life issues. 
  • Emotional Release Process, a clearing and healing method used to release deeply entrenched physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.
  • Clearing past trauma so good health and well-being can flourish.
  • Soul retrieval, finding fragmented parts of the self that may have been “lost” during physical or emotional trauma.
  • Shamanic journey to the upper, middle and lower worlds for healing, to obtain information, and enlist the assistance of power animals and helping spirits.
  • Psychopomp, helping departed loved ones to cross over to the light.
  • Alignment with Earth energies.
  • Divination, finding root causes and information normally unseen.
  • Chumpi Stone work, using special carved stones to heal and strengthen energy bodies.
  • Reiki, life force energy, treatments. 

If you are interested in receiving a private healing session or training in the shamanic healing arts, please email Cynthia at