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Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition on Earth dating back 40,000 years. All indigenous cultures throughout the world practice shamanism. They know that everything is alive, has consciousness and spirit, and can interact with every other animate being. Shamanic cultures experience that everything is connected and that we are all One.

Shamans serve individuals, communities, Mother Earth and All That Is. They work in the upper, middle and lower worlds. All three worlds are inhabited by many seen and unseen beings who are all part of the Great Web of Life. With awareness, gratitude and an open heart, a shaman develops a relationship with the inhabitants of these worlds in order to come into sacred reciprocity and right relationship with our animate Universe. Our well-being depends on our spiritual harmony with other forms of life. Through ceremony and sacred ritual honoring the Spirit Realm, a shaman can help us connect in a harmonious, reverent and reciprocal way to Nature, the Elements, Mother Earth and her children, the plants, animals, minerals and our fellow humans. This creates balance and harmony within us, among us and in all worlds.

Through altered states of consciousness and shamanic journey to non-ordinary realities, a shaman can access wisdom and assistance in healing and problem solving for individuals or a community. Using shamanic practices we can all restore ourselves and others to health, wholeness and well-being. Initiations into the shamanic arts create opportunities for self-exploration, empowerment and personal growth. This ancestral wisdom also helps us reconnect to the sacred within and around us, expand our consciousness and experience dimensions of reality beyond what we can ordinarily perceive.

We can all learn this ancient methodology for living that is so relevant to our needs today. Then we can use its wisdom teachings and practices to help ourselves and serve our families, our communities and our planet. When we do, magic and miracles can happen.

To register for shamanic training near Asheville, NC, to sponsor a workshop in your area, or for more information, please email Cynthia Greer at cbagreer@bellsouth.net

Cynthia has been a shamanic teacher, healer and ceremonialist for many years. She is committed to sharing shamanic wisdom, initiations and healing practices, and to loving service to Mother Earth and her children.

5-Part Series in Peruvian Shamanism
starts near Asheville, NC
Aug. 2-4, 2019.

The Call to Heal (Releasing the Past)
Part 1 of The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship Program

During this workshop you are initiated into a sacred and powerful altar, the Pachakuti Mesa, and its lineage tradition. You create your own mesa and work with it for self-empowerment, growth and helping others. You learn how to create sacred space and be in reciprocity with All That Is. By exploring the three worlds of the Andean cosmovision, the core ingredients of ceremonial mastery, sacred sound and ritual language, healing and curanderismo, you are empowered to create ceremony with your mesa so you can transform your life. Through shamanic journey and visionary states of consciousness, you explore the inner or lower world of the ukhupacha. This helps you release the parts of your past that no longer work for you so you can move into a more joyful and purposeful life.
For more details on the series and its first workshop, see Spiritual & Shamanic Training

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Questions? Contact Cynthia Greer at cbagreer@bellsouth.net.